About Us

Based out of the small town of Narvon, Pennsylvania, since 2013 Hammertown Construction specializes in historic barn restorations, as well as riding arenas, storage facilities, and specialty buildings. Ben Huyard, founder and owner of Hammertown Construction, is very personal and hands-on in all projects. Expect to see him on the job site, sharing his knowledge with- his team. He takes great pride in the fact that every building project and construction zone is personally handled and overseen by him. Ben believes that continual development and improvement of his team will enhance the quality of each restoration. Ben along with his team, are ready to go the extra mile for their customers!

Hammertown Construction provides services all over Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, Norristown, Flourtown, and the various counties in the surrounding areas. They are also available for jobs in Maryland and New Jersey.

Barn Restoration Services


Hammertown Construction has established a highly-recognized commitment to customer satisfaction. Their expertise allows them to build any amount of facilities that are both functional and an attractive addition to any farmstead or stable. They are willing and able to build any size or type of equestrian-type facilities. Whether you need a large barn for a huge lineup of healthy steeds or a simple shelter for the family pets, Hammertown Construction is available to help you provide the very best for the animals that you may consider family or the ones that provide an income for your family.

Historical Restoration

Maybe you have an old family barn that has been in the family for a hundred years. If you want it to last for another one hundred years, Hammertown Construction is there for you providing a construction plan that is unique to you and your situation. If something has been important to your family for generations, Hammertown Construction will treat it like the family treasure it is. Give them a call to learn more!